Museo Henriquez

Made up of about 15000 inventoried objects, of which 2800 weapons, 24000 photographs, 287 diaries (38000 pages), 12000 books, 2600 posters and flyers, 500 prints, 470 geographical and

topographical maps, 30 archival collections, 290 musical documents, 150 paintings and a collection of films (250 cinematographic documents kept at the Istituto Luce in Rome) the de Henriquez collection has become property of the Municipality of Trieste, which acquired it from the heirs, in 1983.

After various events, since 1999 it has found its headquarters in the "Duca delle Puglie" barracks where in a first phase only the vehicles and artillery heavy pieces were transferred and, since 2011, also collections of objects and documents. The de Henriquez collection consists of documents relating to both the first and second world wars.

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