The National Institute of Oceanography and Experimental Geophysics - OGS is a public research institute with an international vocation, which carries out basic and applied research, aimed at the

knowledge of the Earth and its resources, in the sectors of Oceanography, Marine Biology, Seismology, Geophysics and marine geology.

Thanks to the expertise in the field of Earth, Sea and polar Area Sciences, OGS contributes to the improvement and dissemination of knowledge, but also to the concrete resolution of environmental, economic and social problems.

Communication and dissemination have always been important challenges for OGS, motivated by the need to activate and maintain a dialogue with society and citizens, to consolidate public opinion on the benefits deriving from scientific research, but also to strengthen identity and recognition of the organization and its specific skills at the service of society, in the context of a regional research sector of absolute international importance. In 2018 OGS organized more than 90 public events at regional, national and international level aimed at schools of all levels, citizenship as well as specific professional categories, such as Civil Protection operators and Professionals (geologists, engineers, teachers, etc. ). In recent years, OGS has involved more than 8000 children and students, from primary school to university, with participation in various types of educational and dissemination activities.

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