Ternovizza Cave

(N. 78 of the Regional Cadastre and N. 242 VG of the local historical cadastre)
The cave was already visited in the middle of the last century by the speleologist Anton Hanke and for a period it was referred to as the cave Georg Schneider.

During the First World War, the Austrians joined it by means of a short tunnel to a nearby cave, the Peica Jama, equipped as a shelter and ammunition depot with the construction of an entrance staircase, walls and a side passage. It is currently accessed from this part by a rudimentary staircase, shortly arriving at a gallery that overlooks a vertical well flanked by massive columns, where the light reaches from the other entrance.
The cave is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful in the Karst and, after the well, it develops with a long descending gallery of beautiful proportions, in which you can admire some powerful calcite formations, including the now famous Organ; the gallery leads to a large room, which represents the most evocative part of the whole cavity: huge pillars create various perspectives and the ground is formed by very thick flows, scattered with many water basins of all sizes.

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