Generator Cave

(n. 671 of the Regional Cadastre and n. 3719VG of the local historical cadastre)
The name is due to the use that the Austro-Hungarians made of it during the Great War: in fact, generators were installed inside it and they supplied electricity to all the caves on the hill and a large reflector capable of illuminating most of the underlying front.

Outside, are still visible the ducts that contained the electrical cables, although with some difficulty. An artificial access allows you to enter the cave and walk along a corridor in which there are two niches carved into the rock. The passage dug by the soldiers is very large in size as it housed the underground engine room and was supposed to be a livable place for the soldiers assigned to its operation. The corridor ends with the remains of a stairway, that once went up towards the natural entrance. Here, during the war, a sort of dry stone chimney was built, necessary to evacuate the fumes produced by the machines, from the cave. Today, unfortunately, the stones have collapsed at the bottom, hiding the concrete bases built for the engines.

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