Virtual Tour

For the realization of the virtual photographic tour, a full frame reflex camera was used, mounted on a panoramic head. This type of installation allows you to take photographs by rotating the camera around the vertical axis passing through the nodal point of the lens, in order to optimize the alignment of adjacent photographs.

The caves were illuminated by a system of halogen lights, trying to keep the lighting as uniform as possible, as shown in the photo on the right.


In the image on the left is shown the shooting scheme, which includes photos on the entire circumference, plus a nadiral and a zenith photo, for a total of 28 images for each location.

The photos are then processed through a specific software, which allows the alignment of the images and their merging into what is called an equirectangular image.

At the end of the process, is created a web page, where the user can choose the panorama to view and move within it, by moving the mouse, or by tilting the smartphone or tablet.

Grotta Azzurra


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